About Me

The Only True Union Born Candidate.

 I was raised in a union home in Kalamazoo Michigan. My father was a member of Laborers Local 640 FOR 35 years plus additional 7 years with Laborers Local 355 and my mother was a member of the UFCW. for 32 years. Currently I am a member of ESEA and NSEA. So when my opponents only lie to you about standing up for union workers, You should know who the true union candidate who will  stand up for all union workers in the Great State of Nevada, and not the administration in the office, but the real union workers the sweat, blood and guts worker. Vote for D. Jones for Governor 2018

My top issues

Decent Gun Control Laws, Family/Criminal Court Issues, Education, Healthcare Reform, Decent Living Wages and Infrastructure. Housing for Elderly , Veterans, and Homeless. Now if we come together we can solve these issues, however,  my opponents will attempt to make you believe that it will cost funding that Nevada doesn't have. These are the same individuals who ask you to give them 5, 10, 20 dollars to fund their campaign. Here are the facts of reason and logic: (1) if you are applying for a Public Servant job shouldn't it be the same process, you would do for any job? (2) You go out and ask other hard working human beings to fund you so you might get the job? 

My involvement

From producing information shows , dealing with social issues to  community activist. I speak for those who feel that they been left behind by those who are suppose to do the will of human beings who elected them. Instead they perform actions that is not in the best interests for all, but for themselves and a select few who have the financial capacity to fund campaigns. I will stand up for all Nevadans by upholding Unalienable Rights and Secured Constitutional Rights and Civil Liberties.


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D. Jones For Governor Nevada 2018