No Longer We Stand For Worst

Being ranked 48th-50th in the nation in education, is totally unacceptable to all nevadans. But due to mismanagement, greed, and non-caring third parties whose only interest in our schools is, How much  they get in selling schools products they know don't work! And the sad part is those who you elected or was appointed push this agenda, because they are only caring about their own vested pecuniary interest. Political Education Nevada Democratic Party.

Graduating The Best and Brightest.

As Governor I promise to make sure our students come first. And to see that they are given the right resources to develop the Critical Thinking Skills, Thought Process Patterns needed to move forward in their higher education, or their job choices in their future.


If you support me as Governor, I promise that together we will build stronger, unified schools for Nevada. I will push for a Universal State Mandated Curriculum so that every school is teaching the same subjects from the same materials. It will be developed, designed and built by those teachers who are still working hard each and every day teaching. The real boots on the ground not from those who hadn't been in a classroom for years. Also I will fight to get rid of testing, and allow teachers to have more instructional time and teach subjects to students, that will make a difference in their life. Plus I will do what it takes, to make sure teachers and support staff receive the decent pay and benefits they so rightfully deserve You Have My Word On That!  


Our Lunches

There was a time in America when all schools lunches, was prepared with love and caring. Now we serve our children food in plastic or cellophane wrappings. I work in our schools and see the lunches our youth are forced to consume, I have yet to see any top Administrators sit down and eat the same unappetizing unpleasing so-called food. As Governor I will work to get our children the same type of lunches that other children around the world are served . Below are pictures from school lunches from around the world.

Which Lunch Would You Eat?

In Michael Moore Documentary "Where Do We Invade Next" He was in France and showed the kids in a elementary school pictures of  what America Kids for lunch and the look on those kids faces was of shock and horror, "When asked would you eat that they strongly said NO" The sad part is that their lunch when compare in cost was the same price we pay for our kids lunches. So the question is WHY? Do we accept less for our kids. As Governor I will work hard to get decent healthy meals back in our schools, without increasing the cost or budget to do it, 

Don't Listen To The Lies

My opponents will attempt to tell you our lunches meet all government requirements  for nutritional value, But yet they wouldn't allow their children to eat it, it's no different than when they tell you to settle for less in Healthcare, while they enjoy tax paid supported AAA Healthcare. Just ask your children how they feel about school lunches. And remember back when you  couldn't wait for lunch because it was truly a GREAT MEAL and as Governor we will give the same to our children today.