Family Courts Nevada and Criminal Courts

Issues With Family Court.

How many times have you or someone you know been involved with family court? As you might sit and hear about the horrible treatment being done to families by judges. The family is the nucleus of the human race, without, we would cease to exist, this is a gift from God the power and the right to Pro-Create the species. Help me with your vote to allow me the honor to serve as your Governor, I promise you this the annihilation of families will stop. Judges will no longer believe they do not have to answer for their actions or non-actions . No more Fathers or Mothers being stripped of their Right to raise and rear the offspring. No more judges only hearing and deciding what is right for a child that they didn't create. No more fathers or mothers being found guilty as though they committed a crime. HELP ME TO HELP ALL THOSE WRONGED BY THE FAMILY COURT!  I will make sure that all judges will do their sworn oath of office and uphold the Constitution before any state policy or statute. I will also push that all child custody issues within the State of Nevada must be resolved within 90-120 Days after the issue has been filed with the clerk of the court, Also the Father and the Mother will automatically share 50/50 of the offspring, Unless a lawfully filed criminal complaint  has been entered against either of the parents and supported by a police investigation and confirmed by Child Protection Services No judge will take away anyone Rights. 


I understand that sometimes parents can no longer share the same home, but that does not mean they also stop Loving, Caring, and Nurturing their offspring.This is why I will do my best to ensure that the State of Nevada  be there with support groups and counseling for the families having to face those times. So once again as Governor I will uphold the Unalienable Rights of both parents, and not allow any judge to create greater hardship on the family then what they already are facing. So the family can still grow and mainly the offspring have both Father and Mother in their lives.  The quicker the process the faster the family can begin the healing. No more divorce and child custody taking 9 Months or even years to settle. Meaning that judges better be ready to come to work and face full dockets each day. Plus judges better get lawyers onboard quick, because the days of dragging out these types of cases  to make more pecuniary compensation are over Once I am Elected Governor.  


Voting is the only way to institute change, In order to stop the injustice, inequality and bias within our family court you need a Governor who has heard your pleas for justice, not another politician who truly don't care or will cut side deals with the American Bar Association or their subsidiaries better known as State Bar Association.    

Criminal Justice

And Justice For All

This failed experiment called incarceration of Men and Women and the alarming rate it continues to grow. In the State of Nevada we must look at different means before lock-up. And that we must stop locking up Human Beings based on their ability to afford a high price law team. But too many times we see those who are more fortunate than others escape prison time for their crimes! But as Governor I will use the Office of the People to ensure those types of judges who give unequal punishment will be removed from the bench for they would have shown all Nevadans Prejudice, Bias and Cruel Treatment to the poor and this happens no matter what race creed or color a human being is.


After a human being has served their time in the care of the state, we must do what we can to help them return to a life outside of the state care. If elected Governor I will grant voting rights back to those who completed all the terms and condition of their release. Even if a human being has committed a crime, that should not stop them or remove their Constitutional Rights and Civil Liberties. We ask them to return to society and start over again, But yet they get no voice in City County and State Elections knowing that the outcome of those elections can affect them and their loved ones. I refuse to punish for a lifetime unless the crime fits the punishment, Let's show Nevadans do believe in second chances truly.


My Brothers and Sisters Nevadans now is the time to move forward in our ideas and treatment of those incarcerated. We cannot no longer live in the past, when it has not made us any safer, but cost us more in the care of housing these human beings. No more classroom to prison pipeline, no more not educating those who are in the care of the state for a short time.  We must work together to solve this issue and those who are totally incorrigible, then we have no choice but to placed in the care of the state until their attitude and actions change. political courts nevada family /criminal