Do we really need Semi-Automatic, or Fully Automatic Weapons.

As Governor I stand strongly against the use of Military Grade weapons. Any weapons that are for use in military confrontation, should not be in the hands of the public. I know many will argue that it's their Right to own any weapon that is on the market. Use of a Handgun for self protection or protecting your family and your secured constitutionally protected property, I will defend, and uphold the Second Amendment and the rulings from Supreme Court. 

Arming Teachers.

As Governor I will not even entertain the thought of arming our teachers or even allowing others with weapons on our schools grounds! I feel that doing so would do serious harm mentally and psychologically to our children. As well as the cost to our already under funded school systems, you will hear others tell you its about protecting children, but when asked about how much more in cost it will be for the underwriting insurance for arming teachers, they go silent. Teachers dedicate years of study to share their knowledge, not to decide if they will have to kill a student today. But promote and nurture the great minds of tomorrow helping them see their potential and how they can contribute to the Human Race.

Full Background Checks for Purchase of Any Weapon

As Governor I will be the first to push for new statute requiring all gun sales in our great state that a full background check is mandatory from all gun shops and conventions. We will work with the federal government and local law enforcement , to share information with any other state about individuals who might have Mental, Hate Group Affiliation, and Revoked Gun Purchase Privileges. Require that any purchases of large amount of ammunition be reported to both local and state agencies, as well as to federal agencies, so that those agencies can speak to that individual or individuals, and keep track of them.  

Public Safety Comes First

I am not trying to take away anyone's rights, but let me be clear, Public safety will always come first and foremost. As I stated I will protect your right to possess firearms under the Second Amendment, but I must ensure that right does not infringe upon others rights to Life Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. Because we are not living in a war zone where any private citizen needs to have any military grade weapons.

Join Me and Show Our Nation and the World.

I have  not asked anyone for any type of monetary support, or favors. All I ask from you is your vote! Let us come together and display the Heart Soul and Spirit that is Nevada. We will be a leader in this issue and show that each and every time Nevadans, when faced with hard choices, will always make the right decision.